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    STRP Staff App - Williams

    Thank You for your application. Unfortunately, after a careful review of your application, we've decided to decline your application since you're banned :shrug:.
  2. ThePicard

    Jonathan Archer Ban Appeal 18/04/21 "Picard Of Earth"

    Your ban appeal is accepted. Note that if you repeat your actions or continue to violate our rules, your ban will be re-instated.
  3. ThePicard

    Lunaisbest123 Ban Appeal

    Your ban is lifted; don't do it again. If you're still IP-banned, DM me your IP and I will manually un-ban it.
  4. ThePicard

    Luke Warms ban appeal

  5. ThePicard

    Luke Warms ban appeal

    Denied. You may re-appeal in two weeks.
  6. ThePicard

    Its Lewis' Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted. Be nice to others or next time you won't get a 2nd chance.
  7. ThePicard

    ** Local Cis-White man post's ban appeal**

    I see. Are you available for a conversation over voice chat?
  8. ThePicard

    ** Local Cis-White man post's ban appeal**

    Why did you put this into quotation marks? Also, has your attitude towards others changed in any way since your ban? What are you willing to do to prove that your intentions are pure?
  9. ThePicard

    Engineering Lt. Cmdr. Jack's Unban appel

    Your appeal is accepted.
  10. ThePicard

    Lt. Commander Anton Cayde ban appeal

    Your ban appeal is accepted.
  11. ThePicard

    Engineering Lt. Cmdr. Jacks Unban appel

    You're not convincing me. Try again.
  12. ThePicard

    C1C Aran Case Ban Appeal (Remake)

    I'm gonna' be honest with you, this appeal still doesn't really convince me that you understand your rules and policies because you're continuing to insinuate that you were banned wrongfully; where, in fact, you were banned for violating our clear policies. But, with that said, I believe in...
  13. ThePicard

    C1C Aran Case Ban Appeal

    Denied because you're arguing in your ban appeal and not acknowledging that you've broken our rules. Get a grip.
  14. ThePicard

    Gunhawk's Staff Application

    Hey Gunhawk, Unfortunately, your application is denied due to your ban history.