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  1. ThePicard

    📌 Application Format

    We're Looking for a Chief of Justice! If you believe you're strong, passionate, trustworthy, and rather unbiased, then apply for Chief of Justice right now! As a COJ, you should be able to hear out both sides, leave any prejudices at the door, and have the ability to make an informed decision...
  2. ThePicard

    A very special announcement...

    I have a very special announcement for you all today! Enjoy!
  3. ThePicard

    What a time to post staff applications..

    The ratio of denied to accepted is 4 to 0. 🤣 On the old forum, the ratio somehow ended up being 1 to 1; however, the bar has since been raised and, thus far, it's 4 denied and zero accepted! What a crazy number!
  4. ThePicard

    Your Exclusive Reward! 🎁🎁

    This offer is expired as it was only available to contest participants in a special hidden section. First off, I'd like to thank you all for participating. As I have announced on the Discord, the winner of this week's contest is @Lt.Toast! The 2nd part of the contest was the MASSIVE discount...
  5. ThePicard

    If You're Banned, Read This.

    So, you're banned. Now what? You have two choices: You can wait out the duration of your ban. You can appeal your ban if you feel that you deserve a second chance. If you've chosen #2, then keep reading. Copy and paste the following form into a new thread in this section, and edit/complete...
  6. ThePicard

    Report Instructions

    Welcome to the Reports Center The place for the submission of reports on a variety of topics. You can report both positive and negative occurrences in this section. Examples of Things to Report Reports concerning staff members Bug reports Bad player reports When reporting a staff member...
  7. ThePicard

    Application Instructions

    Welcome to Staff Applications If you’re passionate about improving the quality of everyone’s role-play and keeping the server safe from toxic players, you’ve come to the right place. Please read through this application format carefully as any discrepancies in your application will result in...
  8. ThePicard

    Facepunch is back!! Well.. kinda

    As many of you may know, Facepunch was one of the largest if not largest gaming forums out there, and it recently shut down for an unknown reason. It also contained practically an encyclopedia of knowledge, when it comes to the Lua coding language that Gmod uses. Right when all hope was lost...
  9. ThePicard

    Captain's Log, Stardate 303539.7

    After our recent breakthrough in negotiations with the Romulans, a new faction has formed among them that may jeopardise the precious ceasefire that has recently been accomplished between our two peoples. This new faction is known as The Resistance, aka. The Defenders of Vrukath. It is a small...
  10. ThePicard

    Community Rules & Guidelines

    🎮 Server Rules You can find the in-server rules on this page. 📃 Forum Rules Keep your threads on-topic to the sub-forum descriptions. Use common sense when posting on here. Do not post NSFW. Don't advertise. Don't post anime/weeb/furry content and any of that sort of crap. Yes, that does...
  11. ThePicard

    Name Change and New Forum

    We have new forums and a new name+logo! The name "Pathogen Gaming" just wasn't cutting it for me, so I decided, screw it, re-brand time! The community is now known as Hyperion Servers or simply Hyperion, and the new URL is Don't panic! Absolutely nothing has...
  12. ThePicard

    Welcome to 2019.

    Welcome to 2019!! It’s the New Year and we’re super excited to dive right into a brilliant 2019! 2019 is going to be HUGE for Pathogen Gaming! As always, we’re constantly expanding, and this year, we’re going to go even higher! We’ve kicked 2019 off at a fantastic start with a ton of players on...
  13. ThePicard


    Everyone wish @Sherlock a very happy birthday! It’s his birthday!
  14. ThePicard

    Nuclear Power Plant Roleplay? Is it real?🤔

    It’s time to come clean. The rumour goes that there may, at some point, be a release of a special server on our community that relates to power plants. That rumour is correct! Today I’d like to introduce you to Fukushima Nuclear, by Pathogen Gaming! Fukushima Nuclear is our latest addition...
  15. ThePicard


    Our Christmas Day Sale Starts NOW! Have you been waiting for those awesome presents? Don’t we all… That's exactly why ALL donation packages are on sale, THRU CHRISTMAS ONLY! Buy Now! This offer won’t last… Click Here to Get The Deal Right Now Click...
  16. ThePicard

    The Star Trek RP Roster!

    Today I’m announcing a very special feature. The days of having to manually write out rosters or list ranks are OVER! Introducing the Star Trek RP Roster! It’s a tool that helps you see the standings, ranks, activity, and more for yourself and your friends! That’s right! You can see all of...