C1C Aran Case Ban Appeal (Remake)

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New member
Dec 30, 2020
-I was banned for making a seemingly sexually explicit joke in the General Chat. Offering to show and expose pictures of my feet via my newly obtained webcam.

-I was banned on 31/12/2020 (Aus time)

-Ban type was Permanent

-I was banned by CryptAlchemy

"I personally feel like I should be unbanned as the intended joke wasn't entirely supposed to be sexually suggestive. Just a harmless little joke that wasn't meant to offend anyone. Nor did I intend to ever go through with it if I was encouraged to do so."

"As I clearly understand a bit better of what the boundaries are. I promise I won't say/do something in the chat like this again."

"I would first off like to apologize for the the argumentative and near antagonistic behavior I displayed during my last appeal attempt. Understand that I was rightfully infuriated being banned over something so small. But after talking over it with 2 members and taking a few days off. I'm feeling a lot better about it now and understand a bit more."


Staff member
Jun 17, 2019
I'm gonna' be honest with you, this appeal still doesn't really convince me that you understand your rules and policies because you're continuing to insinuate that you were banned wrongfully; where, in fact, you were banned for violating our clear policies.

But, with that said, I believe in second chances, so I'll be granting your appeal today.

Don't do it again.