C1C Aran Case Ban Appeal

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New member
Dec 30, 2020
-I was banned for making a rather harmless joke involving my new camera and giving feet pictures.

-I was banned on the 31/12/2020 (Aus time)

-Perma Banned


"I feel that my ban should be unlifted as the circumstances of the ban are completely unreasonable and unfair. Yes the feet picture joke was in crude taste. However I feel like getting permanently banned from the server for it without any warnings is WAY too harsh of a punishment. Yes I am aware that there is a ruling against NSFW. However the joke wasn't entirely explicitly sexual and was just a harmless jest."

"Considering the fact that a harmless joke like that would seemingly get perma banned again. I now have no real reason to do something like that again. "

"Well considering I am writing this only just a bit after getting banned. The only thing that has changed about me is that I am extremely frustrated."


Staff member
Jun 17, 2019
Denied because you're arguing in your ban appeal and not acknowledging that you've broken our rules.
Get a grip.