Chief Of Justice Application

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New member
Mar 28, 2020
1. Are you salty? [yes/no] No.

2. Can you handle a lot of pressure? [yes/no] Yes.

3. Do you believe you can be fair, regardless of whether you like or dislike the person? [yes/no] Yes.

4. Are you a chill person? [yes/no] Yes. I always have been.

5. Why should I pick you, out of everyone? [minimum 4 sentences] I am the most respectful and fair person on the server. I have the respect and adoration from the people of the server. I have a lot of knowledge of law in Trek and irl. If you need any other reasons, ask the many people that say #BlackwellForCOJ and you'll have all the reasons you need.

6. Do you commit and agree to being active in-game as the Chief of Justice? [I agree/I disagree] I agree.