[Clone Wars RP] Jarkyc's staff application

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Jun 20, 2019
1. What’s your name?


2. What is your Discord username?


3. Are you able to get on Discord with a mic?


4. Can you handle memes and do you easily get offended?

Your mom's a meme I can handle memes:riker:

> Advanced Questions (min. 2 sentences, up to 1 paragraph in length)

1. Tell us about yourself.

I am the medic commander on the server. Been playing GMOD for ages now, and have been playing the general star wars RPs for quite some time now. I spend lots of my free time playing on Garry's Mod.

2. Why do you want to join the team?

I want to join to help better the server and the community. There's stuff that I see Quark needs help with and he has to do some of it on his own, and I would like to help. Since I also spend most of my pathetic life time on Garry's Mod, I can always be on to ensure help is there.

3. Out of all the other candidates, why should we choose you?

You should choose me because I am trustworthy, and you guys kind of already know this. I am medic commander, so there is already some sort of trust place in my hands. You should also choose me because I am dedicated to my work and love to help out. I like doing the handy work and design work that you guys sometimes need help with.

> Extra Credit (increases your chances of acceptance tenfold)

1. List any users who vouch for you? (staff are acceptable, as well)

I think Colt/Quark may be able to vouch for me. I also was talking to Calm a lot yesterday, I don't know if that's really vouch worthy but we spent a lot of time working on things last night.

2. What is your age?


3. How did you discover this community?


4. What’s your greatest achievement?

Big Man Quark

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Jun 19, 2019
At this time I'm afraid, I will have to DENY your application, due to the fact that a player cannot be a gamemaster and staff at the same time, unless in an exception.
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