Engineering Lt. Cmdr. Jack's Unban appel

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New member
Jun 28, 2020
1. I was Banned for Posting Something i wasent Susposed to Advertise on the Discord Server or to anyone

2. I Was Banned a Few Months ago

3. My Sentence Length Was For Life

4. Captain Jean Luc Picard Banned Me

I Will be the Best Officer i Can be Aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC.1701 D. then i will not Advertise anything Like i Did Again on the Discord Server.

1. I Will Not Be a Bad Engineering Officer Ever Again and i will not Advertise anything that Does not go with Star Trek RP

2. I Am Sorry for what i have done Because i have Thought about it and i should be back on my Feet with StarFleet and be a Good Officer

3. Yes i have Changed alot for what i did and i am Sorry for it