Event Ideas

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New member
Jun 18, 2019
Here are a few event ideas that I've been sitting on for awhile , feel free to use and change them as you see fit. Hope you enjoy !

1. Warp core breach explosion creates a tear in temporal subspace which creates a time loop, however only some members of the crew can remember between loops. These crewman must find a way to stop the loop.

2. Exploration of a wormhole (Can lead to Delta Quadrant visit or to the Terran Universe) leads to the ship being pulled into the wormhole which instantly collapses once the ship has passed through

3. Unidentified ship drops out of warp and begins firing at the ship until it is disabled , then opens hailing frequencies.( New aggressive spacefaring species that refuses to talk unless the other ship is at their mercy )

4. A intelligence mission into Romulan space turns sour when a undercover away team is captured , It is the Enterprises mission is rescue the away team. (Similar to the episode when Picard gets captured by the Cardassians )

5. Murder on board the ship, Security will interview witnesses and Science officers will ****yse the evidence. All other officers will either serve as witnesses, the murderer , the victim or scanning sensor logs/other activities


New member
Jun 19, 2019
There are definitely some great ideas in there. I espicially would like to participate in the 5th event !
It could be a little like the "Murder"-gamemode in Gmod.


New member
Jun 19, 2019
The last event has the danger of just being officer RP where only a few people will know what's going on, but other than that these seem like good ideas