Facepunch is back!! Well.. kinda

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Jun 17, 2019
As many of you may know, Facepunch was one of the largest if not largest gaming forums out there, and it recently shut down for an unknown reason.
It also contained practically an encyclopedia of knowledge, when it comes to the Lua coding language that Gmod uses.

Right when all hope was lost, someone called "JustAnotherArchivist" released a complete backup of the Facepunch forum on the Wayback Machine.

All I can say is props to the man or woman behind the name JustAnotherArchivist for saving an entire library of knowledge that was nearly doomed to be gone from the internet, forever.

If you still have your Facepunch Forum bookmarks, then just put the last part of the link after forum.facepunch.com, like so:


There's also another cool thing.
Someone called Valkyrie made a Chrome extension that makes the search feature actually work on the archived version of Facepunch.

From what I've seen, the archive isn't complete, hence the "well... kinda" in the thread title but there is a LOT of stuff on there and most of the forum is all good.

Right as we thought that all hope was lost with the Facepunch Forum going down, it's been saved by our brave heroes named above!