If You're Banned, Read This.

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Jun 17, 2019
So, you're banned. Now what?

You have two choices:
  1. You can wait out the duration of your ban.
  2. You can appeal your ban if you feel that you deserve a second chance.
If you've chosen #2, then keep reading.

Copy and paste the following form into a new thread in this section, and edit/complete it accordingly.
Only provide us with information that you'd like everyone to see because your appeal will be publicly available.


> Starter Info (provide this information to the best of your knowledge)

1. Why were you banned?

2. When were you banned?

3. What was your sentence length?

4. Who banned you?

> Reasoning (min. 2 sentences, up to 1 paragraph in length)

1. Why should we elect to lift your ban?

2. How do we know that you won't repeat the action(s) for which you were banned?

3. How have you changed, as a person, since you were banned?


Quick Tip
It's usually preferable to show remorse and to apologise for your action(s) rather than to dispute them; although it's up to you. 🤷‍♂️

Important Notice
If we find that you have misrepresented information on your appeal, we will instantly deny it and ignore any further appeals posted by you.
Also, if we find that you did not put any effort into your appeal, we will ignore it and close the thread.
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