Its Lewis' Ban Appeal

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Lewis Finch

New member
Mar 15, 2021
1. Why were you banned?

The reason for the ban is listed as "Minge, said he would rape someone and called himself a weird *** name".

2. When were you banned?

30th December, 2020

3. What was your sentence length?


4. Who banned you?

At the time, the person name was Rockman on discord who was the Owner I believe.


1. Why should we elect to lift your ban?

Because I know my actions was beyond acceptable but I have became more mature since then. I know what I should and shouldn't do. I should have refrained from saying I would rape someone. It was more of the spur of the moment but I know i shouldn't have done it, it was very wrong.

2. How do we know that you won't repeat the action(s) for which you were banned?

I can't think of anything to do to stop me but trust me. I have matured since then and I've stopped doing stupid things like Minge or change my name to something really stupid. But I have read the rules so I know what I can and not do so I don't ruin people's experiences in game. I'm still very sorry for what I did.

3. How have you changed, as a person, since you were banned?

I believe so. its been 3 months since I was banned and I have had time to get wiser if that makes sense. Like looking back at what i did, i shouldn't have done it and i regret it. Everything I had done was wrong and I shouldn't have done it. I have worked on myself to be more honest and actually focus on doing things without messing about or do anything stupid.

(answer to the bottom question if it is a question)
Is the Final Frontier really space?

The final frontier is Warp Travel. Warp travel opened up a whole new area to explore and to meet new races/civilisations. Its just like when Airplanes was discovered, it opened a frontier of faster travel and exploration. There isn't really much ahead of Warp Travel even if there is something faster, its really only gonna decrease time to get somewhere.
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Jun 17, 2019
Appeal accepted.
Be nice to others or next time you won't get a 2nd chance.