Luke warms Ban appeal.

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Connor Hanson

New member
Jun 30, 2020
1. Why were you banned? I was joking and went too far twice. I mass rdmed and mic spammed. Then I went on and spammed Gimme a kiss to Picard and other staff

2. When were you banned? April 6th, 2021

3. What was your sentence length? Perma

4. Who banned you? Picard and The Director

> Reasoning (min. 2 sentences, up to 1 paragraph in length)

1. Why should we elect to lift your ban? I've been a stupid person and an ***. I wish to change my ways for the better and turn a new leaf

2. How do we know that you won't repeat the action(s) for which you were banned? I've learned that jokes only go so far until they get dumb and annoying

3. How have you changed, as a person, since you were banned?
I've learned that Jokes and mass rdming and mic spam isn't funny or ok. Over these few months, I have thought over my actions and deemed them immature, dumb, and not ok. I deeply regret my actions and making you all mad at me. Please forgive me eventually. The same as earlier but was banned for a lot longer
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