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Jun 20, 2020
On the 23rd of June 2020, MCPO Archer decided to severely disrespect a Superior officer, and evade arrest via LTAP. He also decided to mess around in engineering, including but not limited to; Opening and closing the gantry doors over and over again, lowering the warp core shield when explicitly told not to by myself and Lt. Damian, raising the shields during an attempted teleport of Lt. Damian, running from arrest and then leaving the server.

(Witnesses; Myself, LT Damian, Crewman 3 Weebru, Cdt Security Poox, Crewman 3 Flow, Cdt Stylerjon)

Before leaving the server he stated in discord, that he would initiate a LUA overload to crash his game in order to appear not to LTAP, Lt. Damian said that he would give Archer 5 minutes to reconnect (directly to him) so as to not be counted as LTAP, he reloaded the game 10 minutes later and then immeadiately disconnected again and went to play minecraft, an effort has not been shown to reconnect since the incident, that which being almost 30 minutes ago from the time of my writing.

(Witnesses; Myslef and Lt Damian)

I have reported all of the above to the Commanding officer immeadiately after the incident, Lt Commander Maxi. The commanding officers during the time of the incident were myself and Lt. Damian.

...Report Closed...


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Jun 17, 2019
Thank you for the report. It will be investigated and if further information is required, I'll reach out to you.
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