Monarch's COJ Application, Since Yevel wants me to

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Jun 17, 2019
1. Are you salty? No

2. Can you handle a lot of pressure? Hell yes, my real life is pure pressure and stress

3. Do you believe you can be fair, regardless of whether you like or dislike the person? Yes, if you need evidence, ask me over discord DMs, I've got stuff for you.

4. Are you a chill person? Yes

5. Why should I pick you, out of everyone? [minimum 4 sentences]
I believe you should pick me out of everyone due to the fact that I am familiar with documents such as the UCMJ, Statue of Limitations, etcetera. I am capable of being extremely unbiased due to the fact that I've been away from the community for a while, thus I do not know most people. Additionally, I have served as a judge before on several court cases meaning I have shown my ability to serve as a Justice before.

6. Do you commit and agree to being active in-game as the Chief of Justice? I agree to be as active as is necessary to be the Chief of Justice
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