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Jun 18, 2019
Expected from me, I know, but another Terran RP could be fun. It fills in the part of the story just after the Terran Lore I posted earlier. Mirror Frost has come and is being chased by Mirror Williams on the Enterprise. Satal and his Tal Shiar gang can be there too, plus potentially other Terran people, like Swift.
Frost would take refuge on the Enterprise, with the Terran folks (we'd need a few) trying to take over the Enterprise before stealing hostages and retreating to the Challenger, where there would have to be a heated battle, heated negotiation, and a final stand.
(Note of course, that everyone will still escape either way, but it would be major humiliation for either side)

Parameters: Preferably no warp-core-shooting. The Terran Starfleet personnell want to blend in when possible but when the time comes, they want to take over the ship, not destroy it.
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