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Jun 18, 2019
Lucas R Williams
Age: 36
Born: December 14, 2245
Height: 160 cm
Current Rank: Lieutenant
Current division: Science (Formerly Tactical)
Assignment: Acting Science Officer, USS Challenger (transferring to USS Archangel)

Lucas R Williams attended basic Starfleet training before transferring to the first deep-space posting he could find - the USS Bozeman (Souyz-class) in the tactical division. He got to know Captain Bateson and become a Junior Tactical Officer before taking over that position on Beta shift with the rank of Crewman. However, the Bozeman was transported to the 24th century due to a mistake by Williams (he had dabbled in temporal mechanics). Williams wanted to serve onboard the Enterprise but was initially denied. So, Williams transferred to the USS Aurora in the science division, getting occasional bridge duty. However, towards the end of his one-year term on the Aurora, he was on a shuttlecraft with four other officers, but they were attacked by a rogue Klingon ship and the other officers died. Williams was forced to attack and disabled the Klingon ship by hiding in the magnetic field of a nearby planet before bursting out with phasers firing. He came back to the Aurora with a commendation and with that in mind transferred to the cadet vessel USS Lexington as science officer, and eventually got a position on the Enterprise and at Deep Space 9 (given the choice), but chose the Enterprise and had been there for a while. Williams continued to work in temporal mechanics (mostly theoretical), eventually getting promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and transferring to the USS Challenger as Chief Scientist. However, after a series of scandals, Williams was demoted and fired from his job, but eventually got repromoted and went up to full Lieutenant and chose to transfer to the USS Archangel.

Please note that due to a history of time travel (many of his earlier experiments leading to later ones), Williams's age is indeterminate and sometimes does not match up with the math you'd do. His first time travel attempt was at eight years old, which ended up aging one of his chairs to five-hundred years old and vaporizing it.
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