Potatoeheads Ban Appeal

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Mar 7, 2020
> Starter Info (provide this information to the best of your knowledge)

1. Why were you banned? Asking others for personal information.

2. When were you banned? April 01, 2019 - 02:15:49 PM

3. What was your sentence length? Permanently

4. Who banned you? Picard

> Reasoning (min. 2 sentences, up to 1 paragraph in length)

1. Why should we elect to lift your ban? I know and realise what i had done is wrong and that it is not tolerated and would like a Second chance to redeen myself of my wrong doings.

2. How do we know that you won't repeat the action(s) for which you were banned? I have learnt my lesson from the many mounths that i have been gone for and i promise that it will never happen again. EVER EVER AGAIN!

3. How have you changed, as a person, since you were banned? I have changed as a person, matured and have a better attitude as a whole, I hope that you will find it in your heart to give me one final chance to prove that i have changed and to show that i am truely sorry
Not open for further replies.