Reposting of my staff application

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Azazel Silvertongue

New member
Sep 26, 2020
1. What’s your name? Patrick Merrill Taggett

2. What is your Discord username? Azazel Silvertongue#9020

3. Are you able to get on Discord with a mic? Yes

4. Can you handle memes and do you easily get offended? If there funny yes, if they overly offend others no, personal attacks will be dealt with professionally and complained about after the fact

Advanced Questions
1. Tell us about yourself. I am a rather Serious player and enjoy a good story. Despite the seriousness i do know how to have some fun

2. Why do you want to join the team? I seek to bring a level of class and seriousness that seems to be missing from the team. I am more then happy to help the team in anyway that i can

3. Out of all the other candidates, why should we choose you? I carry with me a level of professionalism that has me stand out of the crowd. I am a growing fan of the show and wish to give it a life and purpose beyond its normal means

Extra Credit
1. List any users who vouch for you? (staff are acceptable, as well) uncertain at this time

2. What is your age? 28

3. How did you discover this community? On accident, best accident ever

4. What’s your greatest achievement? While my first achievement was stopping a romulan attack on starfleet vessels was interrogating their supreme general and negotiating his safe return, i feel my greatest achievement will be in the name of this wonderful server