[SGRP & STRP] Tai Buckbeak

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Jun 18, 2019
> Basic Information

1. What’s your name? Tyler

2. What is your Discord username? Phantasm#1662

3. Are you able to get on Discord with a mic? Yes

4. Can you handle memes and do you easily get offended? Yes

> Advanced Questions (min. 2 sentences, up to 1 paragraph in length)

1. Tell us about yourself. Hello, I'm Tyler, a previous member of the staff team, full time chef, part time coder and all round fun guy!

2. Why do you want to join the team? I would like to join the team so then I can help out with staffing the server as I am aware of the fact that different people have different time zones and due to my new timetable I am able to be on at various times. All day on days off, and after work every night I finish!

3. Out of all the other candidates, why should we choose you? I used to be a part of the staff team on STRP and I am a well known and familiar face in the server. I am aware of the ULX commands required from a staff team member. Added to that; I am aware of the importance of Public relations with other players, by this I mean that, yes if accepted I would be allowed access to certain powers and responsibilities but that doesn't put me in a position of power over other players and that it doesn't mean I can do whatever I wish whenever I want.

> Extra Credit (increases your chances of acceptance tenfold)

1. List any users who vouch for you? (staff are acceptable, as well) Jim Cooper, Emrys Himnda, Aaron, Tom Johnson

2. What is your age? Level: 19

3. How did you discover this community? I cannot remember anymore, I believe I saw it on the online Gmod list.

4. What’s your greatest achievement? Working to the level of earning two rosettes for the restaurant I work at.
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Jun 17, 2019
Hi Tai,

We have come to a decision about your staff application.

After careful review of the application, I'm happy to inform you that your application for STRP has been accepted!

Thank you for taking the time to apply and welcome back to the team!

With Regards.