[STRP][SGRP] Himnda/McKay

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Emrys Himnda

New member
Jun 18, 2019
>Basic Information

1. What’s your name?
Bailey (Second Officer Himnda/Commander T'Kai, Dr Rodney McKay/Myrddin)

2. What is your Discord username? Doctor110311

3. Are you able to get on Discord with a mic? Absolutely, I am very active in voice chats

4. Can you handle memes and do you easily get offended? Yes I can, I do not get easily offended.

> Advanced Questions (min. 2 sentences, up to 1 paragraph in length)

5. Tell us about yourself.
I am an Australian full time university student who doesn’t study anywhere near as much as he should. I am studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Teaching. I am alright with 3D modeling and LCARSing.

6. Why do you want to join the team? I would like to join the team as I would like to help the servers grow. I would also like to assist players and in the development where ever possible.

7. Out of all the candidates, why should we choose you? It is my belief that I should be selected as I have shown on various occasions that I can be trusted and that I am of value to the server. This has been shown through my modeling and LCARSing as a developer, and through my attaining the position of Romulan Commander, and Enterprise Second Officer. I believe that I could help both STRP and SGRP more in the role of a staff member.

> Extra Credit (increases your chances of acceptance tenfold)

E1. List any users who can vouch for you? (staff are accepted, as well)

Captain Aaron

E2. What is your age?
I am currently 21.

E3. How did you find Hyperion Servers?
Honestly, I was stalking the workshop items that Picard had uploaded and found the STRP and found pathogen through that.

E4. What’s your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement to date is probably getting into University to study the degree that I wanted.
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New member
Aug 22, 2019
Excellent player. Really has the potential to be a great staff member.


Staff member
Jun 17, 2019
Hi Himnda,

We have come to a decision about your staff application.

After careful review of the application, I'm happy to inform you that your application for STRP has been accepted!

Thank you for taking the time to apply and welcome to the team!

With Regards.