Williams Ban Appeal

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Jun 18, 2019
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1. Why were you banned?
NSFW content in #computer-interface

2. When were you banned?
4:53PM September 11 2019 (I believe, the computer should have the exact details)

3. What was your sentence length?
3 Days

4. Who banned you?
William T. Riker#6828

1. Why should we elect to lift your ban?
I believe you should elect to lift my ban because I regret and will not repeat the posting of NSFW content. Additionally, with it being so long ago and having not repeated such behavior, I believe that I should be given a second chance.

2. How do we know that you won't repeat the action(s) for which you were banned?
You would be able to know I won't repeat the actions for which I was banned because it was such a long time ago that I committed the act and I haven't done it in the intervening months since. Additionally, in those months I have had a chance to look at myself as a person, with my Starfleet career getting back on track, I now feel more responsible for what I do on the server then I did before, with the fact that my relationship is now higher-stakes than before, which has made me look inside myself to be even more self aware about how I act and how it affects others.

3. How have you changed, as a person, since you were banned?
Since I was banned, I have had time to take a look at the mistake I've made, and I've realized foolish it was to post such content. I have taken a look into myself and understand that to mend my mistake, I must vow not to do it again. Additionally, since the transgression (which was separated from the ban by about three months), I have become more responsible on the server and I've gotten my Starfleet career back on track, I've donated, trying to give back to the server, and I've attempted to become more self aware of my own actions and their effects.

In closing, I appreciate you looking at my appeal, I am sorry for what I did, and thank you for your time. Have a nice day.


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Jun 17, 2019
Your answer to question 3 seems quite... intriguing 🤔 especially since I've never seen someone change as a person in a few hours time. :wesmart:

But, in any case, your appeal has been ACCEPTED.
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