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Jun 17, 2019
This offer is expired as it was only available to contest participants in a special hidden section.

First off, I'd like to thank you all for participating.
As I have announced on the Discord, the winner of this week's contest is @Lt.Toast!

The 2nd part of the contest was the MASSIVE discount.

Here is your EXCLUSIVE $10 USD off discount code that will expire tomorrow (June 21) at 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

👉 Use code MASSIVE at checkout to apply this exclusive discount.

You may only use this code once per donation package.
For example, you may buy Silver but you may not buy it again with the same discount code. You'd have to choose another package to re-apply the code.

🚨 Please do not share this code with anyone as it will not work for them. 🚨

I hope you guys enjoy the new forums + branding!

~ Picard signing off.
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Jun 18, 2019
Great job @Lt.Toast ! Also, nice job on the forums, branding, and all that you added @ThePicard
Now I have to decide if it's worth the hassle of trying to wrangle my dad into letting me donate again, even with the huge discount which is amazing.
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